The Breakthrough Formula is about finding the work you're called to do – no matter if that means figuring out what business to start or identifying a dream career. The purpose is to help you gain clarity and to take charge, so that you can create a life that is aligned with YOU.  

Do you want to find your calling? 

Do you want to do work that brings fulfilment? 

Do you have a feeling that you're meant to do something valuable during your time on this planet, you just don't know what that is? 

Whether you're unsure about your passions and direction in life, or are multipassionate and confused about which next step to choose – this program is designed to help you get clear about your path, passions and higher purpose. 

Hello you!

Maria here, founder of Fabulous Mondays with +5,000 readers from all over the world. Besides this, I'm also running workshops for Fortune 500 companies with my partner-in-shine Sophie. Working with personal development is a dream for me, and honestly, I've never been happier. 

But, this hasn't always been the case... 

Growing up, I used to follow the “recipe for success”. Because once you'd be successful, you'd be happy right? (Ehum, not really..) Anyways, I got good grades, worked hard and finally, I landed a top marketing job in Paris. It was everything I’d always dreamt of – or so I thought. After a couple of months, an uncomfortable feeling started to creep in. A feeling of not being in the right place or doing the right thing. The pain, stress, and frustraton with not knowing my direction in life grew bigger. Eventually, the tipping point came when a dear friend of mine unexpectedly passed away. 

Questions such as, “ Is this it?”, “What am I doing with my life?” and “Am I living life true to myself?” started to pop up. 

Before this, I used to live as if I would live forever. I talked about dreams, but I never acted on them. I always found excuses as to why it wasn’t the right time, or fretted about how things wouldn’t work out. 

I knew I wanted to change – the only problem was that I had no idea where to. 

So, I went traveling with the aim to get clear about my true life direction. After lots of trail and error, things finally started to fall into place. Today, I have clarity about my passions, purpose and direction in life. Since then, I'm helping others to reach the same level of clarity. 

Clarity is power. And the sooner you get clear about what you want to do, the sooner you can get about the business of creating it. 

Today, I hope you'll bet on yourself. Today, I hope you'll make a decision that will change your life forever. Today, I hope you'll decide to get clear on your life calling so that you can start steering your life in the direction you want.  



Don’t ask what the world needs. Ask what makes you come alive, and go do it. Because what the world needs is people who have come alive.” ― Howard Thurman

 What we'll cover: 

WEEK 1: Connecting to your inner guidance 1. Connect back to you 2. Rid yourself of limiting beliefs 3. Define your ideal life 

WEEK 2: Designing the life you want 4. Find your calling 5. List life goals

WEEK 3: Finding clarity and empowerment 6. Keep your eye on the 'why' 7. Get clear on what you want 8. Know what comes natural to you

WEEK 4: Creating real life success 9. Define your success 10. Become an idea machine 11. Discover your strengths  

WEEK 5: Making the right choices 12. Get curious 13. Unveil the shit sandwiches 14. Check in with your body  

WEEK 6: Setting yourself up for success 15. Clarify your vision 16. Set your breakthrough goal 17. Make sure you won't fail

BONUS I: "Clear your clutter and set yourself up for success"

BONUS II: "Your first steps to creating a purposeful business "

Here's everything you get...

One-on-one sessions

During the program you'll get 8 one-on-one coaching sessions (30 min each) over Skype. This is to help you set yourself up for clarity and success.

Satisfaction guarantee

If you're not satisfied with the program, I promise you a 100% refund within 30 days. All you need to do is to email me copies proving that you've done all the exercises.

Mastermind group

You get acceess to an exclusive Facebook Mastermind group where you can connect with others who are also doing the program. 

Lifetime access

You get lifetime access to the material so you can come back to it at any point in life. 

Bonus (limited)

Join right now and get the bonuses "Clear your clutter and set yourself up for success" and "Your first steps to creating a purposeful business".

Email support

You can reach out to me via email throughout the course period and an additional 6 weeks after the program (14 weeks in total).

What others say about it

“I learned so much about myself–in very surprising ways and confirmed some things that I knew deep in my heart. Maria created this course with a great deal of care and a commitment to the growth of those who participated. Our Skype calls were particularly enjoyable, and I felt as though I had made a new friend as well as ideas for challenging myself further. Thank you, Maria, for Fabulous Mondays and I wish you continued success and inspiration!“  

– Leila, U.S.

“Maria helped me navigate through a sea of external pressures and personal expectations to rediscover the things that are truly meaningful and fulfilling for me. She helped me work through a number of deep-rooted blockers that have hindered me throughout most of my life. One of the most eye-opening exercises helped me whittle down an overwhelming list of personal goals into a very tangible set of common themes that define my core passions.”  

– Dave, U.S.

“I reached out to Maria when I was in desperate need of guidance in my life. I felt like something was missing, almost having a feeling of walking the wrong path. Since I could not make sense of my own feelings, I started to feel “stuck” and an anxiety inside of me was growing every day. Maria helped me to gather my thoughts, to be more connected to myself and to figure out why I was feeling “stuck”. I realized that I was not living the life I wanted, rather the life I had pictured me to have. Based on this, I was able to take action. Live your life, you only live once.”  

– Sara, Sweden

“I thought I would never figure out what my calling is. But with this program and with Maria’s gentle guidance – I did it! I finally found it after years of searching, and my life has started to rapidly change since then. Maria is more than just a coach. I worked with a few other coaches, but I have never felt such compassion and support as from her. She is genuinely interested in people and their development, and I felt that I was guided on each smallest step, so I never felt lonely on the scary path of the change. Maria believed in me more than I believed in myself, and together with fun exercises, it helped me to gather all my courage and to make a real breakthrough – first of all in mindset, then followed by actions, and ending in results. I will be forever thankful for it.”  

– Yuliya, Czech Republic

”I would recommend Maria's programme to anybody looking to reconnect with their values, strengths and weaknesses in order to uncover and better align their life with their unique purpose. To be sure, it is hard work but Maria is there every step of the way with her optimism, good advice and general interest in your well-being. As Maria often reminds you during the programme, keeping open mind and letting yourself go on a scavenger hunt is almost as important as the final destination. I have truly enjoyed the journey while also getting more clarity on what is my purpose in life."

– Magdalena, Belgium 

“To participate in the Breakthrough Formula course was pretty much a gut feeling decision. I had been reading Maria’s newsletters for some time and had always liked them, because they felt genuine, creative, positive and practical. I was in the middle of my round the world trip and had just arrived in India, when I decided to start on the adventure of self-discovery with Maria’s course. Looking back, I can only say it was the best decision that I could have ever taken at that time. Every week I would wait eagerly for the new instructions and the workbook and then I would spend a lot of time in fulfilling all the tasks. This course is a great mix of reading articles, watching videos, very powerful exercises and a lot more. Even though Maria was on a different continent, she always felt like being very close, absolutely dedicated and motivated, very helpful and radiating positive energy every day. Participating in this course has been a great pleasure, eye opening and a lot of fun. I gained a lot of insight into what I want to do with my life and I have set a direction for myself now. Finally, it feels good to know that I was not alone with all my questions. I can wholeheartedly recommend this course to anyone who is searching for a new direction and wants to make a change in his or her life.”  

– Elisabeth, Vienna

“It has been an absolute pleasure to take the Breakthrough Formula course and work with Maria. The course provides a well-paced, gentle, and guided path towards discovering your unique passions, creating positive momentum in both your pursuits and life in general. It asked me to deeply consider what felt true and right for myself, which I really needed but didn’t know how to do on my own. More importantly, it asked me to confront whether I was truly willing to change in the ways I wanted and gave me tools to feel prepared to follow through. The course flowed easily and also got me excited because the exercises were so fun; I looked forward to doing them! Above all else, I truly recommend working with Maria without any reservation. She is so generous with her wisdom, kindness, and is easily one of the most supportive people I’ve met. I never felt pressured or judged so I felt safe to be honest and vulnerable during our skype calls. I always had more clarity, peace and direction after speaking with her 🙂 After resonating with many of her articles, my intuition told me to take this course/coaching, and I haven’t thought twice about my decision since! If your intuition is tugging at you similarly to make a breakthrough with this course and Maria, please go for it!!“  

– Sharon, U.S.

“The Breakthrough Formula spoke to me the minute Maria mentioned it. It sounded like a wonderful opportunity to get some much needed clarity on which direction to take in life, and to heal my self-image; in the past my image and sense of worth were very much tied-up with academic and career success. The programme was just what it promised to be - fun and engaging, but also tough emotionally. The realisation that the life I'd lived before had reached its expiration date and that new opportunities were waiting for me to say "yes" was as terrifying as it was thrilling! It brought up a lot of fear, and made me face up to a lot of emotional baggage. Thankfully the programme helps you to deal with any fear that arises, and conversations with Maria provided much needed support to help negotiate any difficulties or blocks. The Breakthrough Formula helped me to get back to the original me - the one that is my true nature, before all the social conditioning and life circumstances kicked in! A few months on, I now have a clear idea of where my strengths lie, what makes me feel purposeful and inspired, and how to be true to myself, even when it feels scary. The unfamiliar is always scary, but with time and "baby steps" (one of Maria's favourite phrases!), the unfamiliar becomes the norm. I haven't got it all figured out, but if there's one thing I've learned through taking part in the programme, it's that life isn't about reaching a point whereby we have everything figured out. It's about going with the flow of who we are, and the paths we find ourselves on. It's a balance of knowing exactly who we are and what we want, and letting go of control and fear so that we can allow our best lives to emerge. Thank you Maria for sharing so much of your own wisdom and experience with me, and for supporting me in my own journey." 

– Kath, England

Frequently Asked Questions 

How does it work?

It's simple. Once you've paid for the program, you get access to the program and the materal for week 1. Then you can join the Facebook group and book your first one-on-one session. Whopa!

Is there any risk for me? 

Nope. If you're not satisfied with the program, I promise you a 100% refund within 30 days. All you have to do is to email me copies proving that you've done all the exercises. 

How much time does it take?

You'll need to dedicate 3-5 hours per week throughout the first six weeks. If you're unable to do so (due to travel or other circumstances), you can do the program and setup your coaching sessions at your own pace. You can't fall behind. 

Will this really work for me? 

I get this question a lot. The simple answer is this: you get out what you put in. If you decide to make this a priority for the coming weeks and you complete all the exercises, calls and videos, then you'll also set yourself up for success. I've had students that have questioned if things like passions and life purpose are available to them – and thanks to their commitment, they've found it. Also, I'm here if you feel stuck so you're never alone. 

Note: I'm not a qualified psychologist or therapist. This program is not intended to replace medical, psychological or other professional advice. 

The spots are limited and filling up fast. So, make sure to save yours today to not miss out!  



If you have any questions, don't hesitate to reach out: hello[at]